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Bike Build – ’14 KTM 300 XC

I've been on the hunt for a 300 2 stroke for quite a while now with the intentions of starting to race again. Here is story... After posting want to buy adds on several forums, scowering the interwebs, traveling from dealer to dealer, impatiently twiddling my thumbs, I finally found a real gem. Stu was… Continue reading Bike Build – ’14 KTM 300 XC

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Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin, Initial Impressions

The CRF1000L is a 998 cc legend in the dual sport community. The new Africa Twin was developed to mimic its predecessors, XRV 750 and XRV 650, which was a four time champ of the Paris-Dakar rally in the late ‘80’s. The new CRF1000L has clearly been upgraded from the later models to contend with… Continue reading Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin, Initial Impressions


The Chadwick

I've been busy this last week putting my thoughts and sketches to actual use. I've had trouble finding a commercial sewer to work with a startup, so I borrowed my Mom's sewing machine and taught myself to sew. I'm so glad that it happened this way because now I completely understand the construction of the… Continue reading The Chadwick

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Second Annual Arkansas Adventure Ride

What should we ride this year?  Well last year Jerry showed us some dual-sport promotional material from Arkansas so we decided to start with that. Here is where it took us... First stop- Devils Den State Park.  We started down  I-49 to then slither across some smaller highways.  We stopped by Natural Dam just before we set our… Continue reading Second Annual Arkansas Adventure Ride