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Do you have the right moto insurance?

Before you read on I have a short and sweet disclaimer:  ⇓

⇒ I’m not responsible for your insurance needs nor do I claim to be an expert.  I have been in the insurance industry for long enough (too long if you ask me) to know what works and to have witnessed people being under insured.  Too commonly people get on the inter web and purchase coverage to fulfill the lien holders requests, or get the absolute cheapest coverage possible because they couldn’t afford the bike to begin with, or maybe you just think all insurance is created equal.  Insurance is very important, especially if you are wondering far away from home and off grid.  If you like spending time in court rooms, paying off large amounts of debt, or shuffling through attorneys voice mails, then you can now exit this website and go back to watching cats on Facebook®.

If you can’t afford insurance, then you can’t afford the a bike. This is a very important and should not be taken lightly!  State minimums are not enough and full coverage is the only way to go.  I would contact a local insurance agent and speak to them about your needs.  Don’t believe everything they say because they do like to up sell.  Do your own research and educate yourself.

You also need medical insurance.  Once your the medical portion of the vehicle policy is exhausted, you’re officially out of money.  You can also save a little money on your vehicle policy by lowering your medical coverage if you had coverage elsewhere.  BUT MAKE sure you have proper medical coverage in place and that there are no motorcycle exclusions.  More on that below and talk this concept through with a professional insurance broker.

Roadside assistance?  Do you need roadside assistance?  Well I’m pretty sure your mommy isn’t going to jump into her minivan and find you off grid…  It’s always a good idea to cover yourself either under your policy or externally.  Also make sure the policy covers long distance travel because you might be in for a long ride.  Read more below about Medjet for emergency bike travel.  And please, please don’t call them because you have a flat tire.  Be a real adventurist and learn to do that yourself.

Carry a Delorme inReach or similar device. Read about all of the devices and make an educated decision depending on your needs!  I switched from Spot to DeLorme after some research and first hand stories.  If you get hurt in the middle of no where there is a really good chance that you can’t give someone directions to your location.  Not to mention, you were probably just following your fancy GPS around and really have no idea where you are.  Facebook® can’t save you without cell service 😉

Medivac or rescue insurance is also a must as you may need to be flown somewhere for medical attention, and jet fuel is expensive!!!  Sometimes this insurance can be purchased in line with your DeLorme/Spot service.  Medjet Assist is another respected company.  Some medivac/rescue insurance only kicks in after you’re so far from home (150 mile radius)  so make sure you have what you need.

Do your homework and read your policies to insure there aren’t any motor displacement (125cc, 1200cc, etc) limits listed as this is immediate grounds for the company to deny your claim. Motor displacement limits are more common for world wide (non U.S.) medical insurance.  If you aren’t covered by your current policies then you should get some coverage when they travel abroad.  Some of these policies are meant for the family of 9 that go crash a fleet of 50cc rental scooters, and aren’t meant for a big adventure bike…

Make sure your insurance covers your bike accessories. It’s not hard to have over $5,000 in accessories on your bike and if it’s stolen or wrecked, you can kiss your $5,000 good bye.  I find $5,000 a common number on policies but I’m sure it can be increased if needed.

Have some other advice?  Comment below.




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