After a little bit of research I found that the service intervals on the GS spline drive are minimal. I didn’t agree so I decided to take a look myself. Yep, dry as a bone. Applied moly and reinstalled.

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ADV Travel List and Tips

Everyone feels that they need different gear on an adventure ride. Maybe your headed off the grid or maybe you're planning to chew up your tires on the highway.  I don't get much pleasure out of highway rides so I'll touch on off grid dual sport travel.  I'll leave the highway rides list to the Harley… Continue reading ADV Travel List and Tips

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Do you have the right moto insurance?

Before you read on I have a short and sweet disclaimer:  ⇓ ⇒ I'm not responsible for your insurance needs nor do I claim to be an expert.  I have been in the insurance industry for long enough (too long if you ask me) to know what works and to have witnessed people being under insured.… Continue reading Do you have the right moto insurance?

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R1200GSW- Long Term Review

What kid doesn't want a GS?  I mean seriously!  If you don't want one you're either in denial or you live in a hole.  There is no denying that the GS bike sets the tone for adventure dual sport, and really always has.  The best thing BMW ever did was sponsor Ewan and Charlie in the Long… Continue reading R1200GSW- Long Term Review

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South Dakota Dual Sport

It turns out that  Harley riders aren't the only ones to benefit from the historic Deadwood and Sturgis area landscape. The area trail maps resemble a spider web of adventure capable riding. And one of the coolest parts is that the land management organizations have several maps and GPX files available online. I'm working on… Continue reading South Dakota Dual Sport


It’s Time to Follow a Dream

I'm getting pretty burnt out with my daily 4 wheel cage and constant tipper tapper on Microsoft Word.  It's time to quit working for a living and follow a passion.  For a short time I'll be living my role in the construction insurance industry, all while trying to build a business on nights and weekends.  Stay… Continue reading It’s Time to Follow a Dream