Who We Are

We aren’t your average outdoor enthusiasts. As a team of skilled and passionate  motorcyclists, hikers, mountain bikers, and world travelers we just can’t be contained to an 8-5.  We are letting our passions drive us to explore and document the world around us.

Our online store is soon to launch in Spring of 2017 and will feature high end motorcycle luggage and accessories.

Found in the OffGrid Moto blog we review gear, bikes, and provide information that you won’t find anywhere else.  Subscribe now to stay in touch.

Team Bios


I haven’t been riding dirt bikes as long as most of my comrades but I was certainly hit by the passion right away. My family history of motorcycling is short and to the point, me. I enlisted in the military during my senior year in high school and when I got back from boot camp I went straight to college.  I carried on with my usual mountain biking adventures all while still dreaming of a motorized 2 wheeled machine. I eventually bought a Yamaha R6 and shortly after that a friend helped me buy an RM125, and that 125 change my life.  I eventually upgraded my dirt bike so that I could tackle the southern Missouri off-road challenges and eventually started racing hare scrambles.  Chadwick, in southern Missouri, was a staple for most of us that had an unexplainable gravitation pull.  Chadwick would eat you up and spit you out and only the strongest survived.  After motorcycles I eventually purchased a Triumph Tiger 800 and yet again owned a bike that sent me in an unexpected direction.  I never knew that riding an adventure type motorcycle could help you dream so big!  The Tiger was an awesome machine but I have had my sights set on an R1200GS for a very long time.  Now we have ridden all over the country and finding the will to stop and continue on with my 8-5, is challenging at times.  I started Off Grid Moto in 2016 because making a living in the motorcycling industry is what my soul needs. I hope I can share my passion with you and many others as our company grows.